The Main Studio houses a Steinway Model D and a Yamaha YUX. It is fully equipped for online consultations & teaching sessions, in-studio rehearsals, recordings, live streams and collaborations between musicians within the studio community. 

Students at the Studio Annex play on Boston grand PEII and a Kawai K-60 E upright. It is fully equipped for face2face lessons and professional grade 10-channel audio recordings.

BoonChong Private Music Studios is an official Steinway Educational Partner.

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The Main Studio and Studio Annex offer a hybrid approach to learning, combining online lessons and face2face learning.

Both studios provide online sessions for the studio community utilizing a live streaming & broadcast platform, digital audio workstation and a multi-camera/microphone setup.

Lessons @  Main Studio are primarily online for students dialling in from Asia, Europe and Australia. These lessons are supplemented by sessions at the Studio Annex with our Associate Pianist assisting in person. Students also have full access to the in-person professional recording, rehearsal and chamber music facilities at the Studio Annex.

Lessons @ the Studio Annex are primarily face2face. All students have access to the Main Studio’s online resources, including Live Playthrough Online, Live Workshops, Practice Assist Programmes and dedicated chat channels.

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