Studio Annex
Daniel Tan

Studio Annex offers face-to-face lessons with our Associate Pianist, Daniel Tan*, using the Main Studio’s learning approaches, processes and framework. 

As an extension of the Main Studio, each student’s progress is guided in direct consultation with Boon.

Students connect with the Main Studio through participation in the Studio Community online LivePT/workshops, Practice Assist programmes, and Performance Opportunity Platforms.

Lessons are 60 mins and conducted @ Studio Annex in Ormond, Melbourne.

Contact us for more details and to arrange an Initial Consult Online.

*Daniel Tan is a professional pianist and composer based in Melbourne, with his cohort of students at the Studio Annex. He is an alumnus of BoonChong – Private Music Studios and has been a part of the Studio Community since 2015. He holds a BMus from Monash University (where his final results placed him in the top 5% of his graduating peers). Daniel continues his professional consult sessions with Boon weekly, focusing on piano performance, composition, and further development for his professional music career. 

He works on commissioned projects with the country’s top musicians and institutions, including Paul Williamson, Judy Bailey, Mat Jodrell, Tim Wilson, Jordan Murray, Ingrid Jensen and Monash University. 

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